I’m passionate about all things design, including web design, front-end development and design strategy. The skills that I have developed in my experience have enabled me to generate concepts, refine direction and produce assets.

My previous positions have provided me with nine years of design and web experience, as an ecommerce manager, brand and graphic designer, theme developer, online markerter and full-stack web designer.

I started Studio Spark Web Design in 2021 to solve a need in the market —

How do small businesses get a website their customers and clients will be wowed by,  that is an asset to your business, quickly and without spending thousands?

Studio Spark allows business owners to easily access a designer quality website template, tailored to their industry, quickly and for a few hundred (instead of a few thousand!)

quickly and easily build your website with our designer templates & step by step tutorials

All of our website templates and tutorials have been created to save you time and uplevel your online presence…whilst taking advantage of all the WordPress benefits on offer – eCommerce, enhanced SEO, unlimited plugins and functionality.


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