Advantages of WordPress

Most people have been ‘recommended’ go to with WordPress from mentors or friends, but why choose WordPress?

I love working with WordPress because it’s cost-effective, extremely powerful and adaptable to new features as your site and brand evolves. It’s excellent for blogging, seo, and offers thousands of free plugins to add functionality (eg. You can add a free online store with woocommerce)

WordPress actually powers about ¼ of the all websites on the Internet, which is incredible and also demonstrates you’re in good hands!

  • You can create any kind of website, such as; a business website, a blog, online store, portfolio website, marketplace etc.
  • You can add any kind of features; galleries, bookings, eCommerce, courses, opt-ins, contact forms, etc.
  • You’ll have access to almost an unlimited number of premium WordPress themes to update the styling of your site
  • You’ll have access to all WordPress plugins to extend functionality to your site
  • Ability to add a FREE online store
  • Integrates with EVERYTHING so if your brand and business expands in the future you’re all set 
  • You’ll maintain full control and own all the rights to your site


WordPress Benefits

WordPress is truely unlimited – Other all-in-one solutions may have special tiers with limits on the number of pages, blog posts or number of products you can publish on your site, wordpress is truely unlimited.

You own the rights to your website – When creating a web presence with WordPress you own your website – which is important because it means you are in the driving seat!

Extensive design & functionality – WordPress websites offer ever increasing design, functionality and features due to its structure to utilize themes and plugins. “Can WordPress do this?” It’s one of the most common questions and I’ve honestly never said no – there is always a way to make it happen!

Cost-effective – WordPress websites are very cost-effective because they are 100% owned by their owner. WordPress is free and the only costs are for your domain name renewal and hosting, which is about $100AUD per year. We recommend the provider siteground.

SEO – WordPress is SEO friendly straight out of the box, whereas other platform providers only offer some basic SEO control. With WordPress you can add a variety of SEO plugins and tools (we love Yoast SEO) which will allow you to drive in by adding your meta title and descriptions, and automatically gernating advanced XML sitemaps for google.

e-Commerce – You can sell physical or digital products with Woocommerce – a free WordPress plugin that adds a full-featured online store to your website. If your wanting to sell online courses, pay per view content, and membership plans for your online community, WordPress integrates with MemberPress. Platform providers charge singnificantly for these as the will only be included in their higher subscription tiers.

Blogging – WordPress started out as a blogging platform and evolved into a full-blown content management system. It has all the blogging features you could need, plus you can extend your blog using plugins and add any feature that you can think of.

Win-Win – From a designers perspective – it’s vital your client’s web platform will be easy to manage (if they choose to do it themselves) be SEO-friendly, secure and adaptable to new features and technologies that the future may bring. WordPress delivers in all these areas.

I hope this article helped you on your journey to start a site for your business! Feel free to comment below or contact us with your thoughts or questions, we’re here to help 🙂

Cheering you on,


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