WordPress .COM Vs .ORG: What Really Is The Difference?


WordPress is a much loved publishing platform that makes it easy to to build, create and maintain blogs and websites. You might have seen that WordPress has two platforms; WordPress.com and WordPresss.org.

So what’s really the difference between the two versions and which one should you choose?

WordPress.com is a free-hosted blogging platform

WordPress.org is an open source content management system that requires hosting, but you can do ANYTHING with.

WordPress.COM Is Right For You If:

You’re ready to dip your toes into blogging or to create your own webpage for free and you’re open to transferring to WordPress.org if your site expand later down the track.

Great free option to get started; you won’t have to purchase a domain name or website hosting.

Hosting, security and backups included

You can upgrade to a custom domain such as yourblog.com

Integrate with social media channels

In-build features including statistics, sharing and comments

Themes are limited to WordPress.com’s theme catalogue

Plugins are incompatible; you won’t have access to any cool features that plugins provide.

If you wish to upgrade later on it’s relatively simple to transfer your site to WordPress.org

WordPress.ORG Is Right For You If:

You know what you want and your ready to go after it! Or you love options and you’re ready to explore them!

It’s inexpensive to get started; you’ll just need to register a domain name and purchase website hosting.

You’ll have access to almost an unlimited number of premium WordPress themes to update the styling of your site

You’ll have access to all WordPress plugins to extend functionality to your site

You can create any kind of website, such as; a blog, online store, portfolio website, marketplace etc.

You can add any kind of features; galleries, bookings, eCommerce, courses, etc.

You’ll maintain full control and own all the rights to your site

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