How Do I Know If I Have or


It can be a bit confusing to work out / remember if you have or installed on your site.

But I have a quick and super simple way of checking, let’s go!


How do I know if I have WordPress .Com or .Org?

1. Go to your wordpress login dashboard by typing your site’s domain into a browser followed by /wp-login.php

2. Your wordpress login dashboard will appear. Hover your mouse over the wordpress logo in the center (or your own logo if you customized it)

3. & Voila, the bottom left corner of the browser will tell you if you have or installed!

How do I know if I have WordPress org or com Sugar And Code

When would you want to know which version of WordPress you have? and have different features and it’s crucial in knowing otherwise you might not be able add functionality with cool plugins or upgrade your design with any awesome themes.

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