How To Add A Link (including Affiliate Links) To Text and Images In WordPress


Do you want to add a link or affiliate link in WordPress?

In this tutorial we will show you how to add a text link or image link in a post or page.

This tutorial will show you how to add text and image links (including affiliate links) using the easy link button in a WordPress post or page.

How To Add A Link (Including Affiliate Links) To WordPress

WordPress comes with a user friendly content editor that you can use to link content within your site or to another website using the Link Button highlighted below:

To create a link, just highlight the text you’d like to link and click the Link Button in the visual editor.

It’s the same process to create a link for an image; just highlight the image you’d like to link and click the Link Button in the visual editor.

When you click on the Link Options button, it will bring up a pop-up window. Here you have two options: you can create an internal link (within your website) by selecting a page or post from the list, or an external link (to another website) by typing in the URL.


External Links:
In the URL field, enter the URL. You also have the option to check the box to “Open link in a new tab” option. It’s always a good idea to have it open in a new browser’s tab when taking your visitors away from your website so they can easily find their way back to you!

Internal Links:
WordPress also allows you to quickly link to posts and pages that you have published on your own website by using the content search feature.

Then just click the “Add Link” button and you’re set!

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